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Stockx Discount code | Stockx Discount codes 2018 | Stockx Promo code 2018 | Stockx Discount Code Reddit



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New 100% Working Stockx Discount Codes 2018



35% off over 200 USD

Coupon:  E36924A8

35% off over 200 USD

Coupon:  2DC87D62

20% off over 100 USD

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5% off

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Stockx Discount code | Stockx Discount codes 2018 | Stockx Promo code 2018 | Stockx Discount Code Reddit


StockX is a live, bid/ask marketplace (‘stock market’) for buying and selling limited edition, high demand sneakers. A StockX ‘legit checks’ all sneakers to ensure that they are 100% authentic. StockX also offers a sneaker ‘price guide’ based on real-time market data and rich market analysis.


We don’t make pricing recommendations or appraise items at this time.

We do provide numerous tools and data points on StockX that you can reference when making buying and selling decisions. This includes the ability to view all current Asks (listings for sale), all current Bids (offers to buy) and historical sales data for a given sneaker in a specific size.


Selling fees all depend on what selling level you are. For all StockX sales, there is a minimum $5 seller fee. Click My Account—> Selling to see what level you are currently at.

In order to maintain your level, you must continue to sell. For example, if a seller reaches level 3, they have 1 year to sell 30 items to maintain level 3. You can view how many sales needed to maintain your level at

The more you sell, the lower your fees! There is also a 3% processing fee for all sellers.

This is all deducted from your total payout, and you are never charged up front for these fees. Feel free to test placing an ask to see your total payout breakdown. 

Once you receive your total payout, there are no additional fees from PayPal or from your bank.


StockX defines a “Deadstock” pair of sneakers as unworn and complete with original box including box lid, as would be acceptable for sale at a retail location. Deadstock sneakers are 100% authentic. This may or may not include additional accessories, laces, manufacturer tags, special packaging, etc. We also do not accept B-grades at this time.

As with sneakers sold at retail, some pairs will pass “Deadstock” inspection despite being unlaced, tried on for fitment, and/or slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections that are uncontrollable.

Be aware “Deadstock” sneakers can include signs of aging when it comes to older pairs, including slight yellowing and should be worn at your own risk. In addition, all “Deadstock” sneakers should include the original box, which may have encountered minimal damage from shipping, discoloration from storage and/or any normal wear and tear due to aging.


Shipping times vary depending on how prompt the seller sends the item to us to be authenticated. Most StockX orders are completed in 7-9 business days. The majority of trades on StockX are completed in a shorter time frame.

Sellers ship their item to StockX in Detroit. We authenticate the item and ship them to the buyer via UPS within 1 business day. Buyers will receive a UPS tracking number as soon as the shoes are authenticated.



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